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Electrician Macarthur

If you need an electrician in MacArthur, J&M Costa is the company to call! Our MacArthur electricians are the best in the region, providing MacArthur with maintenance, installation, and repair services.

We offer our customers in New South Wales the precision and affordability that only local electricians can provide, from the installation of new wiring in renovated homes to repairs and maintenance of various electrical features and equipment. 

Our MacArthur electricians are licensed, specialized, and equipped to prevent future problems and electrical faults at your home or business. We not only respond to electrical job requirements with care, but we also provide MacArthur customers with the best products and new technologies that improve electrical safety and efficiency.

You can rely on your MacArthur electrician to provide high-quality workmanship and cost-effective solutions. Every job is completed with the help of a licensed electrician.

J&M Costa is well-equipped and experienced in managing a variety of electrical tasks. We understand the importance of getting it right the first time, from diagnostics to repairs and guaranteed installations. Contact us today if you need an electrician in MacArthur. We can provide you with licensed, professional, and dependable experts.

Residential Electrical Services

We provide affordable residential electrical services such as installation, maintenance, and repairs.

J&M Costa specialises in both old and new home fit-outs and electrical solutions. Our residential electricians have extensive experience installing new wiring, lighting, and appliance connections. Every job is completed to code to ensure that it not only passes inspection but also performs safely.

Lights and Light Fitting

A well-designed lighting design can transform a house into a home. Lighting can reflect your personality and is critical to making you feel at ease in your own home. Our team will collaborate with you to create the best possible fit out for you that will complement the ambience of your home while also saving you money.

Power Points & Accessories

Powerpoints are outlets where you can connect your devices to get power. Many households lack a sufficient number of power outlets, or power outlets are usually located in inconvenient locations. We can supply and install powerpoints in any location in your home.

Our electricians can work out a PowerPoint installation solution that suits you based on the configuration of your property and the type of walls (i.e., if it’s a brick home or has internal gyprock walls). We can provide a variety of brands, colours, and types of powerpoints, including those with USB connections. It’s entirely up to you.

Bathroom Heaters

We handle everything related to hot water, including installation, repair, and service. We understand that hot water systems are required around the clock, which is why we have committed to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Make certain that whenever you have a hot water emergency, you only call the best and most trusted!

Level 2 Electrical Services

Electrical work involving mains and connections from the power grid to your home or office requires Level 2 Electricians. Our experienced team of Sydney Level 2 Electricians can provide power from either an overhead or underground system.

J&M Costa’s Level 2 Electricians are fully authorized Level 2 Service Providers, performing a wide range of electrical connection services for our customers. We can repair, install, connect, and disconnect anything from UV-damaged cables and wires to meters for your home or apartment building.

We can supply power to your property through either an underground or overhead reticulated system. The supply and installation of any necessary meters are also included.

Our Level 2 electricians can help you with any necessary power upgrades, such as switching from single-phase to three-phase meters. In addition, we can relocate your switchboard and mains, upgrade your meters, and perform any necessary disconnections and reconnections.

Underground or Mains

Our underground services include installing and connecting underground services all the way up to the point of supply, which includes the following:

  • Installing and connecting consumer mains to underground power supply points
  • Disconnect or reconnect our customer’s mains from the underground supply point.
  • Replacing any required service fuse, service active and neutral links

Overhead Cables

In terms of overhead services, we can also:

  • Connect the supply system to the overhead service lines.
  • Perform overhead service lines relocation or upgrade.
  • Install and connect underground lines to the overhead power supply.
  • Service fuses, actives, and neutral links replacement.

Switchboard Upgrades

Is your switchboard blown, or do you want to replace it with a modern switchboard? Older switchboards typically have fuses that, when blown, necessitate a complete replacement of the fuse. Modern switchboards have safety switches that, when activated, can be flicked back to work.

J&M Costa’s electrical team provides dependable supply and installation of switchboards throughout Sydney. We are equipped and experienced to work in all scenarios, whether your switchboard is inside, outside, or even in your garage.

Contact Your Local MacArthur Electrician

We are proud of what we do at J&M Costa. We value each and every one of our clients and always deliver high-quality work. We can help you with a wide range of electrical services in MacArthur. Contact us today for a free quote.