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Factors That Contribute to Energy Bill Spike Due to Air Conditioners

Summers in Sydney can be very expensive if you do not plan ahead of time and take precautions to reduce your energy costs. It is critical to prepare your air conditioner for the summer. You don’t want it to work harder than necessary because of dirty filters or poor maintenance. At current electricity prices, that will set you back a fortune.


Having the wrong size of air conditioner

Saving energy starts at the point of sale. Buying the cheapest unit or the unit that is ‘on special’ may not be such a good deal after all. Purchasing the incorrect size can be an expensive mistake. It’s known as the ‘Goldilocks’ principle. A system that is too large will cool quickly but will not dissolve the humidity in the room. This confuses the system, causing it to turn off and on frequently. It requires more energy to start, and a system that cycles on and off too frequently will have a shorter lifespan. 

You also run the risk of creating cooling zones that no one uses, which is pointless. Conversely, if the system is too small, it will work far too hard to cool the area, which is also undesirable.

As we stated at the before, Split system air conditioner installation in Sydney is all about getting advice on the best unit for your needs.


Compressors, Thermostats, and Vents

Compressors are not the most appealing home accessory, which is why they are frequently hidden behind a bush or concealed in some other way. That, along with leaving a compressor in direct sunlight, is about the worst thing you can do to it. Hiding it reduces its ability to disperse hot air through the system, and leaving it exposed reduces its ability to disperse heat as well. Keep it outside and covered.

The same principle applies if the thermostat is hidden or exposed; it cannot do its job. Install your thermostat in a cool, open area where it can effectively read the temperature. If it can’t, it’s sending the wrong message to your unit, which is expensive. It’s also common sense not to obstruct vents, which help with air circulation and efficiency.


25 Degrees Celsius is the Ideal Temperature

If you set the temperature any lower, your electricity bill will increase by about 3% per degree. It will cost you a fortune to start your unit lower and leave it there. Use ceiling fans on a regular basis to keep the airflow in the lower half of your room where it should be. Close all windows and doors to prevent cool air from escaping up stairwells and into voids, and the air will remain at the proper temperature.


Air Conditioner Maintenance

We’ve talked about maintenance before, but nothing ensures the longevity of your air conditioning unit like calling your air conditioning cleaning service for a regular maintenance check. Aside from filter cleaning, J&M aircon specialists will inspect the seals between the conduit and the condenser for signs of corrosion, rust, or damage that may have occurred during the cooler months. We will also inspect the fans to ensure that they are properly circulating and will advise on any energy-saving opportunities.


If you want your system to serve you reliably for many seasons to come, then you should call J&M Costa for a comprehensive maintenance check on your air conditioning unit. 


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