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How to Install Your Split System Air Conditioner

The location and method of installation of your split system air conditioner can have a significant impact on its efficiency and effectiveness. In fact, if installed incorrectly, it may barely heat or cool your space at all. So, to ensure you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, we’ve answered the all-important question of where to install your split system air conditioner.


Where should you put your split system air conditioner?

When deciding where to put your split system air conditioner, there are a few simple rules to follow. They are as follows:

Install it where it is most needed.

When you’re at home, where do you spend the majority of your time? For most people, this is the living room, so a central location in this room is usually a good place to install your split system unit. However, if you work from home or have trouble sleeping on hot nights, your home office and/or bedroom may be good options as well.

Choose a central spot in the room.

In general, it’s best to install your split system air conditioner in the center of a room so that it can efficiently heat or cool the entire space. It may also be a good idea to install it directly above where you usually stand in the room. For example, your couch in the living room or your office chair in the office.

Make sure it’s mounted high up on the wall (2+ meters).

Cool air sinks to the bottom of a space as hot air rises to the top. As a result, cool air distributes much better throughout your room if your air conditioner is installed high – above 2 metres if possible.

Make sure there is at least 15 cm of space around the unit.

To ensure proper airflow around the unit, air conditioners require clearance on all sides.


Is it better to have whole-house or room cooling and heating?

Another consideration when deciding where to install your split system air conditioner is whether you want to heat one room or your entire house.

If you’re only going to heat one room, the same rule applies – put your split system air conditioner where it’ll be most useful. If you want to heat your entire home, however, you should install your split system air conditioner in the center of your property.

It’s critical to select a split system air conditioner that’s powerful enough to heat and cool your entire home, so start by reading our guide to selecting the right size air conditioner.

Installing a split-system air conditioner in your bedroom

In your bedroom, where should you put a split air conditioner? If you position it too close to your bed, it may keep you awake or dry you out by blowing cold/hot air all over you. However, if it is not centrally located, it may be ineffective or inefficient.

To avoid this, purchase a unit with louvres and direction control. You can position these above, to the side, or at the foot of your bed, and change the direction of the louvres so that the unit does not blow air directly onto you.

Installing a split-system air conditioner in your living room

If you’re thinking about installing a split-type air conditioner in your living room, keep in mind that the best location is directly in front of the sofa. It can also be placed in front of any seating area. People do not spend long periods of time in their living rooms, as they do in their bedrooms. It is preferable to have the air conditioner close to where people are.

Also, keep in mind that warmer air naturally rises, while cooler air sinks. Installing your split-type air conditioner high up on a wall will make it more efficient at cooling the entire area.

Positioning the outdoor unit of your split system air conditioner

When deciding where to install your split AC, you must also consider the location of the outdoor unit. It should be as follows:

  • Keep as much as possible away from direct sunlight (the south or south east side of your home away from the afternoon sun is often a good location).
  • In an open area where air can circulate around the unit.
  • Maintenance and repairs are easily accessible.
  • If possible, install on a rigid flat surface to reduce vibration.
  • To maximize efficiency, place the outdoor unit as close to the indoor unit as possible.

When considering purchasing a new unit, the first question you should ask is where to install split AC in your room. Take some time to consider the best location and hire a professional installer, and your air conditioner will work better and cost less to run.


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