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Split System vs. Ducted Air Conditioners

Both split systems and ducted air conditioning units provide efficient cooling solutions for homes and offices. In the same way, these two also have their advantages and disadvantages. When choosing between a split system vs. ducted air conditioners, how do you know which one will be better for you? In this article, we’ll find out.


What Is A Split System Air Conditioner?

A split system air conditioner consists of outdoor and indoor units. The indoor unit contains the evaporator component. The outdoor unit houses the condenser coil, compressor, and expansion coil or capillary tubing. It is installed on the exterior wall of the room.  These components help each other to provide the desired temperature inside your room.


Advantages of Split System Air Conditioner

● Easier Installation Process

A split system requires less work. A small system can be installed in 3 hours and large ones can take up to six hours. There is no need for ductwork too. For safety purposes, hire a qualified technician to do the installation process. When everything is done, all you have to do is to access the system to electricity.

● Energy efficiency

Since split systems don’t have ductwork like a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner, you are saving more energy from consumption. In other types of systems, they lose lots of energy through a network of ducts. Energy efficiency problems emerge when there is ductwork installed in unconditioned spaces.

● Quiet operations

Indoor split systems are reasonably quiet. Thus, you don’t have to hear disturbance due to noise. Here, major sources of noise are removed. The system can operate with 19 decibels. As compared to other units, this is quieter.


Disadvantages of Split System Air Conditioner

● Cost of running and installation cost

When it comes to purchasing price, split systems are reasonable and affordable. But other units like the window air conditioner are a lot cheaper. You also need to deal with installation costs as split systems require professional help.

● Location

Split systems may not be appropriate for some places. Having a two-part system, this unit is suitable for compact spaces.


What Is A Ducted Air Conditioner?

A ducted air conditioner works by having a central unit that is capable of cooling the entire home. During the warmer months, you don’t need to install a series of air conditioners. This is designed to cool or heat a whole home, not just a few selected rooms. It has a control system that allows you to maintain the ultimate comfort that you deserve within the whole area.


Advantages of Ducted Air Conditioner

● Energy efficiency

Electricity bills can overwhelm your budget and the saddest thing about them is that they are a monthly thing. Ducted air conditioners require a single system that will greatly reduce the energy expense you incur each month.

● Zoning system

By having control, you can set individual temperatures for each room or shut off zones that are not used. This works through several thermostats connected to the control panel which gives signals to flex dumpers. Thus, everyone in the house gets customized temperatures and enjoys maximum comfort.

● Powerful cooling for larger spaces

The air conditioning system works through a network of ducts that are connected to a central fan coil. The network of ducts helps circulate and distribute air to different areas, which is why ducted units are ideal for larger buildings.

● Seamless look

Ducts are barely noticed because they are mounted in the ceiling. It can blend into the roof and will not interrupt the interior design of your home. Styling your home to be more aesthetically pleasing will not be easy with bulky wall units within the property. So, if you want a less visible unit, ducted ones make an excellent choice.


Disadvantages of Ducted Air Conditioner

● Complicated installation

If your home has never had ducted before, the installation will not be easy. It will require a three-phase electricity supply to install the new ducted systems. Also, you need to hire people who have proper expertise in doing such.

● High cost

You have to hire professionals to do the work. They need to carefully look into the house structure, ceiling space, and layout before the installation process. This would mean additional instalment costs.


Which one is cost-effective and better for your home?

If it is on a price per-unit basis, split systems are cheaper than ducted air conditioning units. But in terms of cost-effectiveness, you can save more in ducted units. Considering the fact that a single system can cool the entire space of your home, choosing ducted units is way more practical. The unit consumes lower electricity too.

When it comes to installation costs, split systems are cheaper. But if you need more than one of them for your home or building, it will cost you more instead.

Each of the two can be cost-efficient depending on different circumstances. Ducted units are ideal for larger buildings. Meanwhile, split systems are good for smaller spaces.


Is a ducted air conditioning unit better than a split system?

These two cooling systems provide the same purpose but they are greatly different in some aspects. Depending on what has been taken into consideration, each system can provide you the best experience.

When it comes to energy efficiency, you can choose from any of the two. They both run without consuming that much electricity energy compared to other units. They can smoothly function on a low voltage.

Another factor that can influence your decision is the flexibility of the cooling system to your lifestyle and arrangements. Ducted air conditioning units work efficiently in larger spaces. So, it is advisable for you to choose them if you have multiple rooms at home that you want to cool or heat using a central control.

On the other hand, split systems are appropriate in any climate. Therefore, regardless of weather conditions, you can enjoy the same level of comfort.

Furthermore, one of the concerns of customers is the noise produced by the systems. Noise can distract while at work and it can also be an issue during bedtime. Well, both split systems and ducted air conditioning units don’t make significant noise.

Shoppers highly consider the cost too. For a sustainable and economical choice, you can purchase split systems. It is more affordable than a ducted air conditioning system.

These are some of the main factors that you should consider. Therefore, choosing the better one will depend on your situation. It is not fair to say that a ducted air conditioning unit is better. The same applies to split systems.


Is ducted cooling expensive to run?

No. Choosing ducted cooling gives you more opportunity to save. It is one of the cost-effective components of ducted to run at a low cost. You can save more energy bills.


Final Thoughts: Which is better ducted or split air conditioning?

At the end of the day, there is no clear winner between ducted air conditioning systems and split systems. Perhaps one thing to consider is whether you want more coverage or flexibility in the temperature control available to you.

Now that you know the best parts of each type of air conditioning unit, you can decide which one will be more beneficial to you, depending on your actual need.

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