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Split System Air-conditioning Installers Blue Mountains

Highwall air conditioners, also known as ‘Split Systems,’ are a popular way to heat or cool a single room. Unlike traditional room air conditioners that required a window or a large hole in the wall, Split System air conditioners are typically mounted high on the wall, taking up very little space, and a small fist-sized hole in the wall allows pipes and electrical to connect with an outdoor unit.

Split system air conditioning is a low-cost, high-efficiency method of heating and cooling small bedrooms to large living areas when properly sized by a trained consultant.

Split System Airconditioning Blue Mountains

J&M Costa is the place to go if you need a brand new heating and cooling system or a maintenance check on your current system  in the Blue Mountains.

Our fully qualified and highly skilled technicians are experts in the supply, installation, and maintenance of split system air conditioning for residential and commercial buildings.

Discuss your heating and cooling options with our friendly and knowledgeable installers. They will spend the time necessary to understand your specific requirements and will recommend the best solution for your home or business.  

As split system airconditioning Blue Mountains specialists, J&M Costa is a Google 5 star rated business.

How Split System Airconditioning Works

In today’s homes, ductless systems are quite common. Split systems are so-called because they have two units, one inside your home and one outside. They can be used to cool or heat single rooms or multi-zone systems. One compressor is located outside, and several indoor units condition the air in various parts of your home.

Because indoor units are typically mounted high on your walls, they must be considered when planning the décor of your space. Wall split and multi head split systems are typically smaller than ducted systems and are linked via piping rather than large ducts. Despite this, indoor units are still more visible than ductless system vents.

When compared to the previous two types of air conditioners, wall hung split and multi head split systems have a relatively high upfront cost, but they are not as expensive as ducted air conditioning. Despite the higher initial cost, they are more efficient than window or portable units, making them less expensive in the long run. A wall-hung split or multi-head split system will necessitate minor home modifications, such as piping holes. To get the most out of the system, hire a professional to install the mini-split.

How to Install Split System Airconditioning

It’s important to note that a split system air conditioner will typically cost you more up front than a window unit. However, it is frequently less expensive to operate over time.

It will also necessitate professional installation. Nothing nearly as complicated as a ducted system. Only a small hole in the wall was required to connect the pipes and wiring. Because there is no need for expensive ductwork, labor costs are reduced, resulting in a faster and more affordable installation.

The outdoor component of a split system is installed on or near the wall of the room or space you want to keep cool. The compressor, condenser coil, and control modules are all housed here.

The indoor unit, which includes an evaporator coil, blower, and air filter, is then installed on the wall in the room of your choice.

With a split system air conditioner, the compressor and fan for the condenser are located remotely outside, making this type of air conditioning system much quieter.

J&M Costa: Proudly Servicing the Blue Mountains

Wherever you are in the Blue Mountains’ residential and commercial sectors, your friendly J&M Costa technician is always nearby. Regardless of how large or small your project is, you can expect a prompt response from expert technicians who arrive prepared to meet your specific job requirements.

When it comes to installing a new heating and cooling system, there are numerous factors to consider. Allow J&M Costa to take the stress out of the process and assist you in selecting the best system for you.

The room size, number of occupants, insulation, coverage area (i.e. more than one room), building layout, budget, and other factors are among those we consider. As a result, you will be recommended a high-quality system that meets your work or lifestyle requirements as well as your budget.

J&M Costa takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and superior installations using only high-quality products. We are an Actron Air Platinum Plus Dealer, which means we specialize in installing the most technologically advanced and energy efficient air conditioning systems available.

J&M Costa Split Systems Air Conditioning Services

J&M Costa provides split system air conditioning installation, repair, maintenance, and servicing all over Penrith, Blue Mountains & Sydney.

Contact us on 1300 4COSTA (1300 426782) or for more information.


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