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Tips for Prepping Your Aircon for Summer


With Summer quickly approaching, now is the ideal time to get a head start on preparing your home for the coming warm weather. Last summer’s record-breaking temperatures drove up demand for air conditioning repair, so it’s a good idea to take care of any maintenance your system may require before the temperature rises.

Whether you used your air conditioner during the winter or not, it’s always a good idea to give it a once-over now to ensure it’s ready to go before summer arrives. 


Clean or replace your filters.

Many people are unaware that air conditioning filters must be changed on a regular basis, and in the meantime, a quick clean can go a long way toward preserving your air flow. Filters become clogged easily, and a buildup of debris can restrict airflow, causing your unit to work harder to push out air. That’s money and power you don’t have to spend.

You can manually clean the filters once you locate them on your air conditioning unit. The filter is usually located behind a metal panel on the face of the blower on central units; simply unscrew the panel and replace the filter. On window units, the filter is typically located on the unit’s face, behind a metal panel. Window units typically have permanent filters that must be cleaned on a regular basis. After unscrewing the panel, clean the filter with a vinegar-water solution and allow it to dry before refitting.

If you get your air conditioner regularly cleaned and maintained by professionals, you don’t have to worry about this. 


Clean the condenser.

Outdoor units are typically more durable than their indoor counterparts; however, it is important to inspect for dirt, leaves, twigs, and anything else that may have accumulated over time. After removing any foreign objects, thoroughly hose down the unit.

Mowing any grass or trimming any branches around the unit will make your life easier. Check that the concrete slab is steady and level, as an incline may require the condenser to work harder to compensate for lost air pressure. Check the unit once a week during the summer; hot temperatures and debris do not mix!


Condenser coils should be cleaned.

It is especially important to inspect the condenser coils in central air conditioning units. The condenser should resemble a fan with a cover and side vents or grills. To access the coils, remove the front and side panels, as well as the protective grills.

You can clean the coils with a coil brush or another soft brush, or you can vacuum them from the outside of the unit. Heavy debris may necessitate the use of a commercial coil cleaner, which must be sprayed from the inside, away from the unit’s electrical components. When using a liquid, cover the electrics with a plastic bag if you are unsure.


Check line insulation.

Examine the ductwork for loose panels, loose joints, and small holes. You’d be surprised how much a minor leak can affect the overall efficiency of your system. Small leaks can be sealed with rubber or fabric tapes, but larger issues may necessitate professional refitting.

Another place to look is the condensation line. This is the pipe that drains the unit’s condensation. The moist conditions can foster the growth of algae, which can clog your line. If you suspect a drainage issue, unscrew the pipe and clean it with an algaecide, which is available at most pool stores.


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